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Fairtrade & Ecology

Our action for the environment:
1 E-shop order = 1 tree planted

Trees are giving us the raw materials we need to produce our coffee and chocolate, they are the roots of our business !

Trees are supporting us, so, in a logical way, we are supporting trees !

Flaronis thus decided, in collaboration with the association "Trees for the future" to have a tree planted for each order placed on its e-commerce website.
For more information on this subject, we invite you to watch the video below and visit our partner's page.



Organic & Fairtrade

At Flaronis, we are also concerned about your health and the environment, which is why we also offer: 

  • ORGANIC coffees that respect your health, nature and the local ecosystem.
  • "FAIRTRADE" coffees that allow a fair return for the work of farmers.

Ecological footprint

Being aware that coffee production has an ecological impact, we strive to reduce it as much as possible and we officially commit to:
Waste sorting
Use renewable energy wherever possible
Reflect on new types of packaging that are more respectful of the environment (compostable packaging, etc.)
Re-use packaging that can still be used (for example: boxes received from our suppliers can be reused for e-commerce shipments, etc.)  

As example to demonstrate our willingness to decrease our environmental impact, the cushioning particles used in our packages are certified 100% biodegradable and compostable.